What Is An Automatic Essay Generator?


An automatic essay generator is an automated writing assistant or software designed to cater to all kinds of writing needs. Be it an essay, a report, a paper or an article, you can rely on an essay generator to provide quality content in a very short amount of time, no matter what the topic or required word count is.

How to use an automatic essay generator

If you are ready for a stress-free writing experience with minimal input, here is how to use an essay generator.

When you enter the essay generator website, you will see some tabs where you need to enter the requisite data. The essay generator is programmed to use the information provided based on a defined set of parameters to produce the content per the user requirement.

Here is the information you will be required to provide.

  • The topic, keyword or essay questions
  • The required word count
  • The depth of research ranges from low to high. You can choose according to the complexity level of your topic.
  • Keyword density
  • Article spinning percentage
  • Sentence shuffling
  • Bibliography and images. You can choose to have these added to your article if it is a requirement.

Press enter or create essay as soon as you have entered all the required information, and you will have to wait for only a few moments while the essay generator goes through existing data and generates the content exactly according to your requirements.

Here is what you get when you use an essay generator

Quality content: The essay generator is configured to sift through multiple sources in minimum time and compile the data to produce unique content according to the topic and word count requirement. Moreover, since the content is automatically generated, it is free of human or grammatical errors.

Plagiarism-free content: It is also configured to re-shuffle the paragraphs and replace various words and phrases from existing content so that the generated content is plagiarism free and easily be verified by any professional plagiarism checking software

Professional content: The essay generator can append a bibliography at the end of the essay with all the relevant citations to make your content more authentic and professional. Moreover, if you require images, it can do that for you too.

So, if you are a student, a freelancer or a content writer, you can use an automatic essay generator for any writing requirements. You can use the content as it is or modify it to add your personal touch.

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