What Is An Automatic Essay Generator?


If you want to ace your student life, you have to be a pro at multi-tasking. Students, particularly those in high school or colleges, are juggling many balls in the air at one time during their education. There are classes to take, notes to make, assignments and presentations to be prepared, and the extra-curricular activities that are the highlight of student life.

Managing all these can be difficult at times, and you may find yourself struggling to cope with the grueling routine. An automatic essay generator can take effective care of one aspect of your student life and save you copious amounts of time in the process.

Let’s look at what it is and how it can be used

What is it

An automatic essay generator is convenient, stress-free writing software that is programmed to generate quality content on any topic for essays, assignments, reports, articles and papers through minimum user input. It provides the desired writing piece through a standard set of information and defined parameters.

How to use it

Essay generators are generally very easy to use. If you want to use an essay generator, you must provide a few details, including the topic or the keyword and the required word count.

 You may also be required to define parameters for various aspects, including the depth of research, text rewriting and article spinning percentage, keyword density and word and sentence shuffling. It also provides options should you choose to add a citation bibliography and relevant images.

Once you have entered the relevant information, you have to wait only a few seconds to see the desired results. Within seconds a well-written article or essay will be in front of you as per your requirements. You can use it as it is or modify it further to add a personal touch.

The essay generator is designed to research multiple resources in record time before it provides the desired output by putting the multiple pieces together in an organized manner. It shuffles words and paragraphs and replaces words and phrases with relevant synonyms so that you get plagiarism-free content that Copyscape can easily verify.

Moreover, if it's a requirement, you can add citations by opting for references, and the essay maker will append a bibliography, making your essay more professional. You can also opt to add images to the text to make it look more proficient.

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