Top 3 Reasons to Use a Content Generator for Your Website


If you own a website, do not have time to write the content for it yourself, but would love to always have new content to post, you may want to consider using a content generator.

What is a content generator, and what are some of the reasons for using one? Here are the top three.

Constant new content -- Anyone that visits your site often probably likes to see new content on the site every time they check back. The problem for most webmasters is that writing so much new content can be a lot of work.

Use a content generator, however, and it will create articles on any subject you like in just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is feed it keywords that describe the article you want. Once it is written, you can then copy the article and paste it onto your website.

The affordable price -- If you pay a writer to create new content for you, it could cost you $20 per article or more. As this is out of the price range of most webmasters, using a writer usually means you will not have more than one or two new articles uploaded to your site every month, as you simply cannot afford more than that.

With a typical content generator charging just a couple of dollars per article, however, you can get all the articles you need without going bankrupt.

Content packages -- Most content generators also offer packages of articles. That means you pay for 10, 25 or 50 articles upfront, and then request them from the content generator as you need them.

If you buy a package of articles, this can cut down your costs per article even more. To the point that you end up paying only a few cents for new content.