Three Tips On How To Construct Good Content


First things first, there is a difference between creative writing and technical writing. Creative writing involves details, storytelling, and other things of that sort. It pays more attention to the actual story than the grammar and punctuation. Technical writing does the opposite.

One thing remains the same though. You need to have great content to sell the reader. You need to get them to read past the beginning all the way to the end. I have a few tips to help you with that. 

1)The Title

You have to provide a title that catches the reader's attention. It cannot be boring and mundane. You should mix it up a bit. You can add humor to the title, but you still need to let your readers know what the content is about.

2)Address the Person

I suggest doing that unless you are directed to do otherwise. Addressing the reader makes them feel a part of what you are talking about and the journey you present. I try to do that as much as I can with what I write. The idea is for your readers(whoever they might be) to relate to what you write about. It makes them feel less alone. 

3)Digesting the Material

Break your paragraphs into sections and give them titles. No one wants to read an unrecognizable batch of words online. Use headings whenever possible. An introduction and conclusion are also good unless you are told otherwise. The point is to guide your reader throughout the process. Keep things in order and allow them to digest the words in a simple way.

You might know a lot of big, technical words, but that does not mean you should always use them. I try not to unless I am required to do so.

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