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The Five Things You Should Not Do With Your College Essay 



Yes, there are certain things you may not include, naturally, but you should not tell flat-out lies. You want to paint yourself in a good light. The lies will catch up with you. You will be found out. Do you want to include the name of a teacher or professional to buffer your essay? You need to get the person's permission.



You are not going to get anywhere using a lot of big words. It is okay to use a few but in the right context. Using a word that the college administrator needs to look up is not going to work in your favor either. They will not be impressed.



You should be yourself. Do not sell yourself out just because it is a college essay. I am not saying you should slang. In fact, it is better if you do not. However, you should talk the way you normally do.



The logic needs to connect in some way. It is okay to use small examples to prove your point, but do not go too small. Telling the person you help out by taking out the trash is not a good idea. Add some of the smaller jobs you have worked, but make sure they connect to the bigger picture. The rhetoric needs to illustrate what you hope to achieve.



They guy has your list of accomplishments in front of him. Use the opportunity to touch on a few in-depth ideas as to what you are hoping to do. Someone will ask you why you want a job. Do not begin with, "I have been working for so long." The person can read that in the paper. Add something personal about yourself. You need to sell yourself in a way that no one can. A college essay is a perfect chance to do just that.


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