Create the Perfect Text-Based Content with a Content Generator


People use text-based content for all sorts of applications. Text-based content is used to create articles, essays, information for websites and stories. There are some people who have a natural talent for writing content, while others seem to flounder with sentence structure, format and even ideas. For those individuals who struggle with writing content there is help available in the form of a software application. This program is referred to as a content generator because it generates content for any type of topic a person would want to write about.


 Free Use Online


 The company offering the program for generating written content also offers their basic model online for free. This allows people to see how the software works by using it online for free first. The online sample comes with all of the basic fields where information is entered into. The first field on the form is for entering the topic of the content. The more specific the topic, the more detailed the final results will be. Someone needing to write an essay about a specific crop grown in a particular country could enter in the name of the crop and the country it comes from to receive a detailed article about this particular topic.


 Custom Results


 A professional content generator would allow people to enter in all sorts of information to custom create the written content they desire. Among the various fields available for custom creation are those that allow for the restructuring of found content. People could choose to turn on or off the ability to restructure found sentences. They also have the option of selecting article spinning, which also offers them the ability to choose the percentage they would like their content to be spun. They can also choose to have a bibliography added as well as any relevant images.