Article-ize me



     With technology and today’s vast capability of understanding and receiving information, one could say everyone is a super genius from just a click of a button. There are many different platforms in which one can learn anything by just typing what you want to learn about into the search bar. Google, bing, and yahoo search are just a couple of search platforms one could use to learn the wonders of the world and the information over the ages. You don't have to be a Stanford, Harvard, or Yale graduate to do be the best of the best, you just have to have an internet connection and the will to learn.


Now comes the hard part. Putting the information you learn into context and into context well. The conclusion is article generators. Now has to wonder, what is an article generator? An article generator helps a consumer turn the information you want into an article in which you can read, or maybe even sale!!!


A super genius is only a genius to one’s self if one’s self doesn’t know how to write or speak properly in a certain language, which means “If you can’t write or speak, your screwed” because if no one can understand you through writing or speech then how are you going to reach out to someone with the information you possess. That’s where an article generator comes in handy. You simply type a couple keywords in which you want your article to cover and “BAM” you’ve got yourself a ready to read extraordinary article for humanity to understand.

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