How to Write a Good Essay in just a Few Hours


How to write a good essay in just a few hours

If you have been assigned an essay for school, and are struggling to even know how to start, there are a few things you can do. These things will not only help you write a good essay, they will also help you do so far quicker than you have in the past.


Start with research -- Before you even start writing an essay, you should have done all your research. Never start writing an essay before you have finished all the research needed, and know what your arguments are and how you are going to frame them.


Find similar papers and essays -- Before you start writing your essay, do some online research to find other essays that have a similar subject. While you cannot use these essays as part of your own, you can read their arguments and incorporate some of them into your own paper. Just make sure they are phrased in a different way.


Write an outline -- The next thing you should do is write an essay outline. This should state your essay introduction and argument, your supporting arguments and your conclusion.


A good essay outline will only take a few minutes to complete, but will make writing your essay so much easier and faster.


Write a first draft -- Next you should write a fast first draft of your essay incorporating most of the material you wish to incorporate.


A first draft serves to get your ideas on paper as quickly as possible, and gives you a good foundation for your final paper.


Write your final paper -- Now, using your first draft, write your final paper. With a first draft as a foundation, and a good outline and good research, you should be able to finish it in just a couple of hours. Click on essay typer for more details.