Essay Writing Basics


Essays are a great way to communicate ideas in a compact area. This means that you can easily organize a lot of ideas into a single short or long essay. Either way, the information can be put into very organized sections so that ideas are communicated clearly. For communicating important ideas, nothing quite beats a short or even long essay. It's bite-sized pieces of very complex information that can argue your point, appeal to emotions, or explain complex ideas or concepts. Teachers love to assign essays to help students develop their writing skills.

Writer's block

Essays are one of those pieces of writing that are a pleasure to finish but a pain to start. Before writing an essay, it's normal to go through a short or even prolonged period of writer's block where you need time to regroup and gather your thoughts so that you can write more effectively. Some of the regrouping will have to do with what kind of essay you're writing. If you're arguing a point, this might mean making some notes about your argument so that you're clear on what you're trying to say.

Gathering ideas

Ideas and/or facts are the heart of the essay. Reading about your subject is always helpful but once you're done reading, it's time to start making notes about your subject and what you believe about it. Doing an outline is especially helpful because that helps your essay go more smoothly as you work toward the finished first draft. Scribble out any notes that you need to help you get your thoughts in order and help you come up with your thesis statement. Once you've got that, it's a matter of organizing those ideas into an outline and then a first draft.

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