Writing Starts with a Solid Foundation



The mercurial nature of computers

Computers are a surprisingly vague topic of discussion. The very heart of computing is all about objectivity. Go down far enough within a computer and both hardware and software alike will essentially come down to math. And there's seldom much in the way of subjectivity in standard mathematical equations. Computers bring along something special though. They're sometimes labeled as thinking machines. It's true that there's some hyperbole to the term. It's not used as much anymore simply because of the fact that computers often fell so short of expectations when viewed that way. But modern times have prompted people to rethink what might be meant by calling something a thinking machine. Much like a food processor is a labor saving device with cooking, computers can be thought of as labor saving devices for thinking. A food processor isn't going to come up with an idea for a great meal and get started on making it. Likewise a computer won't come up with an idea for research papers and then proceed to write and submit it. But that doesn't mean computers are incapable of helping students write a paper.


Writing a paper can be a team effort

The real secret to having computers write a paper is by seeing it as a collaborative effort. A content generator can take a simple word or phrase and turn it into a rough draft. One might even think of it as a research assistant. But from there one can take over and start doing some general revisions. Much like the role of labor saving devices in the kitchen, it's not meant to fully take charge of the process. But it will take what would normally be a time intensive project and turn it into a far easier matter. Days worth of writing and research can be accomplished by the content generator. Then it's simply down to the user to do some basic editing with the results.