How to Write a Good Article


If you struggle writing articles and do not know how to write a good article, there are several points you need to know that will help you write a great one every time.

These points are not hard to understand nor difficult to learn but, once you have a grasp of them, writing an article will be much easier for you.

Key points -- When writing a good essay, you need to be sure you have an introduction, a body with several main points or arguments and a conclusion.

Plan your article first -- Many people when first learning how to write articles just start to write. Planning your article is a better strategy as, once you know what you want to say, it is easier to start and to get to the end.

Sit down and write out the basic arguments in your essay as well as make notes about the conclusion. Once you have this, you can start writing.

Check your grammar -- Writing a good article not only depends on the subject matter and how you write it, but also on the grammar you use.

If your grammar is not as good as it should be, run your article through online grammar check software before you hand it in. These grammar software programs can catch and correct most incorrect grammar making your essay almost immediately better. 

Use a thesaurus -- If good vocabulary is not your strength, use a thesaurus to improve how you write. 

Most word processors have a built in thesaurus and, if the one you use does not have a good one, you can use an online thesaurus instead.

A good thesaurus will help you improve your vocabulary as well as write an essay that includes more interesting words.

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